What To Discover At The Electronic Cigarette Store

It is believed that The Bard himself was a smoker, as indeed many men of the 16th century were.
Mr Shakespeare was probably a pipe smoker back in the day but I wonder what the great writer, had he coexisted with them, would have made of the electronic cigarette?
"To vape or not to vape", he may have mused as he pondered and perused the newly written paragraphs of his latest play "Much ado about something or other". If he had decided he would give them a try because he no longer wished to reek of tobacco smoke, perhaps they may have begun to influence his work even more strongly.

Re-workings of old classics might have been titled Romeo and E Cigarette, Taming of the Screwdriver MKII or Merchant of E-Liquid.
This may all sound like a Comedy of Errors but it is not beyond the realms of imagination when you consider the current surge in popularity of the e cig. William Shakespeare was cutting edge in his day and certainly had his finger on the pulse of society, so he would have been well aware of this new device storming the market.

Modern day thespians such as Titanic and Inception star Leonardo DiCaprio, Katherine Heigl of The Ugly Truth, Knocked Up and Killers and Twilight vampire herself Nikki Reid, have all been snapped by paparazzi "vaping" on electronic cigarettes of some description. All of them previously known to have been smokers of tobacco cigarettes and all of them it is assumed trying happydragonvaping as an attempt to wean themselves away from those traditional "analog" cigarettes.

Really, what is all the fuss about and what is an electronic cigarette anyway? Well, one of the most up to date definitions of an e cig is that it is a nicotine delivery device and an alternative to smoking. For legal reasons, the marketing of the product has to steer clear of definitions that involve the words "safer smoking" or "healthier alternative".

However, the e cigarette possesses none of the tobacco found in traditional cigarettes when it delivers its nicotine to the smoker or vaper and although distributors strongly advise that this is not a quit smoking method (in fact, they are not actually allowed to be marketed this way), it is entirely possible to use an electronic cigarette with a "nicotine free" cartridge as opposed to a varying strength nicotine cartridge.

If you read about electronic cigarettes, you will discover that it has had something of a rough ride, that is far from over just yet, but all those who have embraced the product along with all those that distribute it will be hoping, All's Well That Ends Well.

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Forget smoking buy a Happy Dragon Vape

The popularity of vapes has led to the emergence of different brands and types of e-cigs. And all these brands and types are known to have many flavored electronic cigarettes. This made the customers very hard to choose from an array of flavors suitable for them. An vape stimulates the smoking process by keeping off the nicotine urge. Nicotine that is contained in normal cigarettes emits harmful rays and which effects the enviroment and also other people that are around the smoke.

This smoke that is made from the cigarette causes fatal diseaeses. On the other hand, the e cig contains vapor that vanishes in the air within seconds. It contains no malignant factors like carbon monoxide. The process of vaping does not involve any combustion and hence, it is free of smoke, smell and ash.

When you use a vape you have the choice of many different eliquid and ejuice flavours that range from strwberry, banana, kiwi, tropical and many more. You can just choose your flavour and change them around as much as you like and when you get bored just buy a new one. Basically, vanilla and tobacco are the soft flavors and are preferred by many smokers.

The best option in e cigs is you can even enjoy a puff without nicotine that can prove to be very healthy.

The flavored e-juice is an ideal choice for those who want to quit smoking. It helps curb the habit of tobacco smoking by supplying the nicotine feel. The possibility of buying different flavors tempts the smoker to buy e cigs; he or she can also try all the possible flavors and stick to the one that suits him or her.

There are just som many favourite flavours that you can choose from, either online or in store. Since these vapes carry disposable or refillable cartridges, you can save money by buying only the cartridge. vaping The other parts like mouthpiece and battery remains the same, but the cartridge needs to be replaced for your favorite flavor since the cartridge contains e-juice that gives you the flavor and strength.

Some smokers who are more health conscious prefer to use a non nicotine cartridge. It contains e-liquid with no nicotine. Such refills really help them quit smoking.

Now it is not very hard to get your favorite flavored refills. There are many online stores where you can buy ejuice from so you will not go short of choice. Though there are a number of options from where you can find refills of your choice, buying them online is the best method because you can find cheap e-cigs from famous brands.

Needless to say, the flavored electronic cigarettes bring a lot to the smoker and help him or her quit smoking and save money.

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